Ensemble Releases

A five-track album of freely improvised music released on Edgetone Records.  Drew Ceccato – saxophone, Alex Christie – electronics, Chris Golinski – drums.


Solo Releases

In The Blink is an EP of solo electronic work completed in 2011. It is a cross-pollination of noise, glitch, IDM, and drone in which timbre, texture, and rhythmic density become compositional foci.  This album is currently unavailable for download as I am in the process of preparing a bonus track edition to be released on CD (it will also be available for download).  Stay tuned!



Janus is the most recent compilation from Khalija Records featuring a very exciting lineup.  This album is available on cassette as well as a digital download.


Nystagmus is an improvisation for tenor saxophone (Drew Ceccato) and laptop. It is included on the series The Best Is Noise on Carrier Records.

Scuttlepuss is a laptop duo improvisation that I recorded with Matthew Hettich.

Feed/ReFeed processes and re-processes recordings of saxophone- and laptop-induced feedback. It is my second inclusion on a Khalija Records compilation.

Motherlings is my first inclusion on a Khalija Records compilation and explores some familiar material in a new and exciting solo laptop setting.

The Loudest Hush of Your Softest Motherlings

Aural Capacity is a biannual recording project featuring current students at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. The 2009 edition is difficult to come by these days but you can still listen to my included track The Loudest Hush of Your Softest Motherlings right here. The piece is scored for alto saxophone (Jordan Goldstein) and laptop.